Monday, September 21, 2009

Let There be Peace on Earth

I am writing with a deep sense of gratitude this morning for the land I live in. I am here not by choice, but by birth, yet I don't think this diminishes my sense that I am blessed. During the summer we went to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec which was beautiful. We camped north of Kingston, Ontario in a secluded spot of great tranquility. We have lived in Northern Ontario and Atlantic Canada and loved the opportunities to explore. In Canadian cities we have moved about with freedom and without any real fear. We have lived healthy lives with good care along the way and our adult children have grown up with many opportunities. We certainly aren't rich but we have never been close to being poor, which I suppose means we are wealthy.

This rhapsody is prompted by the publication of the Global Peace Index which uses a number of factors to assess the peacefulness of 144 nations around the world. At the top of the list was New Zealand, but Canada was there at number eight. Our American neighbours came in at 83 while Mexico was much farther down the list. At the bottom? Iraq.

While I gush about my true patriot love for Canada, I am also reminded of the undeserved privilege of living here, and the opportunity I have to make a difference for others who have so much less. It is easy to become complacent about our prosperity and security and assume that this is the way it is for everyone. I thank God for the peace of Canada but gratitude needs to issue in action.

There are readers who live near the Altantic Ocean and on the Praires, and near the Rockies. Any comments about where you are living? Thoughts about our responsibility to create a better, more peaceful world?


johnny said...

There is absolutely no doubt we live in one of the best countries in the world. Most of my relatives live in England, and when we get together we always engage in good-natured, humourous debates about who lives in the "better" country. Having lived in both, I still vote for Canada.

We have so much open space, four distinct seasons, generally live in a tolerant society, and enjoy world-wide respect. In addition, we have the Montreal Canadiens...but I digress.

Promoting a peaceful world is a difficult thing to do, when much of the world is ruled by dictators and corruption. Perhaps if the G8 or G20 were to become united in economic sanctions against the most egregious of those dictators, then change could occur. It would certainly be a better option than years of warfare.

lionlamb said...

I love Canada in spite of les Canadiens Johnny. I guess it's the two of us expressing enthusiasm for this great land of ours.

I wonder about the way of change in the world. Just about anything is a better option than war, yet sanctions often hurt the average citizen while dictatorial regimes plunder resources. No easy answers.