Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Kill...the Planet

It has been suggested by Christians who are environmentalists that there should be an eleventh commandment "Thou shalt care for God's Creation," or words to that effect. Maybe we could cover this sentiment in the original ten if we simply extended "Thou shalt not kill" to say "though shalt not kill God's Creation." (I have no idea why I am using King James language!)

I thought about this after reading the words of the president of the Maldive Islands a tiny group of islands in the Pacific which will disappear as sea levels rise due to climate change. He was speaking at the global summit on climate change currently underway at the United Nations. He didn't represent the "heavy hitters" such as the United States or China but he must have offered up the best sound bite of the day when he described our present course of non-action as a "global suicide pact." It's true isn't it? If we deliberately blew up our home while we were still inside, the death would be ruled a suicide. When we choose to destroy the Earth we live on it is often declared an economic necessity.

Nearly every nation agrees that major changes are necessary to change our self-destructive course, but in a series of international conferences those same nations argue that someone else must go first, or that it is only possible to proceed if others mend their foolish ways.

Prime Minister Harper did not attend the first sessions yesterday, which seems symbolic because Canada has been a "no show" when it comes to accepting targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Last evening he was part of a dinner made up of 25 world leaders with the secretary general of the UN as host. I hope Mr. Harper can digest the importance of acting now.


Melissa Evangeline Keyes said...

That's an amazing photograph of an island that disappeared long ago under the weight of too many humans. It's the humans that will be forced to leave, the island will just change some.
There could be an interesting growth of plants and animals(fish) resulting. Unless it's just too poisoned.

Getting out of my comfort zone, the Bible says something about us having been given 'dominion' over the Earth. Seems like that word has been grossly misunderstood. Dominion has to do with home, which should be lovingly nurtured. Not bulldozed, cemented over, and sprayed with insecticide and defoliants.


lionlamb said...

Hi Melissa, I almost missed your response. Thanks for offering your perspective. You're correct, dominion has been conveniently interpreted as domination. The context, as you suggest, has to do with responsible care. We're failing, but we can change.

lionlamb said...

Bye the way, Melissa, I enjoyed looking at your paintings. My wife and I love snorkelling.