Saturday, December 08, 2012

Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights begins today but there is only one person in our St. Paul's congregation for whom this has personal meaning. Adam grew up in an observant Jewish household and eventually embraced Jesus the Jew as Jesus the Christ as well. Hanukkah is really a minor Jewish holiday in terms of religious significance but in North America it has become a lovely time for family and a way of being Jewish in a predominantly Christian culture.
"I remember one year, when I was very young…  My uncle Howard wanted to try and make the celebration more exciting for my sister and I, and his kids…  So, he invented Chanukkah Harry…  And with his *BIG* booming voice, he gave out all the gifts to the kids…  And of course, made a big deal with the adults as well…  That was interesting…

 I remember going to Shul (synagogue)  the evening of Chanukkah, and davening (reciting prayers) in the sanctuary, then going into the basement and having all the wonderful Jewish pastries and foods, surrounded by all the other Jewish kids from Oshawa… 

 I remember sitting around our dining room table, lots of family around, and having wonderful meals and family time…  It’s all very similar to Christmas family time….  I do miss spending time with my family, now that most of them are gone… "
Doesn't this sound a lot like the way families celebrate Christmas? Thanks for this Adam. We're glad that you are part of our Christian family, even as you remember your Jewish roots. Read more about Hanukkah. Mix up some latkes while yo're at it.
Thoughts anyone?


Forail said...

Chanukah is definitely a family time in the Jewish community, much like Christmas is. It was so enjoyable to get together with family, pray together, celebrate together, and of course eat! Oi, the food. :)

city said...

thanks for sharing.