Thursday, December 20, 2012

Good News

Do you want a good new story to start your day? Bethesda House the shelter for women and children who have left abusive relationships prepares Christmas food and toy hampers for clients each year. This can be a tough time for the households Bethesda House serves and even though many decline the offer, this year they will distribute between 85 and 90. The trouble is that this year less food has come in, in part because the unsettled situation in the education system has meant that the school Food Drives have been less effective or non-existent. The hampers, to be distributed today, were looking bare and the organizers weren't sure what to do.

I sleep with one of the Bethesda House staff members (my wife Ruth!) and heard about this as we lay in bed thinking about getting going on the day Tuesday. So I spoke with acting St. Paul's treasurer Cyndy who quickly cut a cheque for $500 from our Benevolent Fund. I mentioned all this to a group of colleagues over lunch, and got a call later from St. Mark's in Whitby offering $500 more. The folk at Bethesda House are pleasantly stunned by this speedy response.

There is so much criticism of organized religion these days, much of it misinformed and mean-spirited. I'm here to tell you that so many Christians are generous and good-hearted and care for those who may be going through difficult circumstances. At the joint Trinity/ St. Paul's choir concert on Sunday afternoon the folk on hand gave $1000 for the work of The Gathering Place community meal. Good people!

More than this though, so many of these same people are generous with their time as well, and compassionate in many facets of community life. It makes me proud of what we accomplish together, but also humbled by the way Christ calls us into self-giving love.

Thank you to everyone who supports our various ministries.


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