Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pregnant Pause

Congratulations to Kate and William who are now "in the family way." The Queen and Prince Philip must be pleased at the prospect of being great-grandparents. Kate is apparently suffering from extreme morning sickness and has been hospitalized for a few days. I wonder if she would have been admitted to hospital if she wasn't a member of the royal family, but that is quibbling. 

You may recall that I wrote about my wife Ruth being in hospital to give birth to our son Isaac while Diana was in a British hospital givng birth to William thirty years ago. Now Ike and our daughter-in-law Rebekah are expecting a child mid-January. Rebekah experienced prolonged sickness through two trimesters which was more like "day" than "morning." No hospital stay though.

Family pregnancies are wonderful times of expectation and anticipation for most of us and of course we always hope and pray for the best. The "pregnancy" of Advent is meant to be a time of thoughtful and expectant waiting rather than the mad consumer rush that the season has become in our culture. Healthy pregnancies are meant to go "full term" no matter whether we would like to rush toward fruition or not. We are excited as a family, but we have six weeks to go, and we can't do anything but pray, get excited, and celebrate in the baby's and God's good time. Just so you know, our grandchild will be royalty!

Are you more or less willing to let Advent be Advent than you once were? Are you impatient for Christmas, or okay with going full term?

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IanD said...

Full term ... still have shopping to do (and this, even after my family collectively swore off the gift exchange!)

All the best to your family (and Issac and Rebekah) as you move into the home stretch.

dmy said...

Definitely "full term", a monumental event that is worth the wait...anticipation is part of the journey.