Tuesday, December 25, 2012


There was a lengthy article on forgiveness by Ian Brown in the Globe and Mail this past Saturday. In part it was a response to the massacre in Connecticut two weeks ago. What is expected of us when we faced with such horrendous wrongdoing? What are the limits of forgiveness?

Brown mentions in passing that this is a season when forgiveness comes to the fore, which I believe is true even though he carefully avoids mentioning religion of any kind. Christianity is not about worshipping an infant. It is about receiving the forgiving love of Christ and extending it as a gift to others. Christmas can only be Christmas because of Good Friday and Easter. In a way it is Forgivemass.

At the beginning of Advent I chose to speak about forgiveness and invited the congregation to pray for forgiving hearts each day of the season. I did so knowing that the time leading to Christmas is painful for many because of unresolved junk which accentuates sadness rather than opening to joy. I haven't a clue whether anyone followed through on this invitation, but then I never really know the outcome of sermons.

My desire for any who may read today is that the sadness of broken relationship will be mended and that joy will return to your hearts and households. Wherever possible, let Christ in and begin again.

Thank you for reading through the year, and please savour this feast day in our Christian calendar.  Christ loves you, and I think you are swell too!

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roger said...

Thank you for your daily blogs, David.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to you and all readers, and may we all continue to try to forgive, as well as focus on what is truly important in life: love, family, friends and health.