Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dumbledore Lives!

I have been touched by the many kind comments and good wishes from members of the St. Paul's Christian family in the past couple of days about our departure. I appreciate that we have gone through months of deliberations over several months and still we are coming to grips with the decision to move on. For most this is a rather startling and unexpected revelation.

There is something about the stuff from kids and teens which hits home in a unique way. Nine-year-old Olivia's comment about getting a shorter minister the next time around to make it easier for children's times made me laugh out loud. Delightful!

The thoughtful comments on Sunday's blog from teens Amy and Kathryn mean a great deal to me. I remember when both of them were children. Now they are lovely, talented young women who make us all proud.

I received an email from a dad whose teen son expressed his regret by saying "David is our Dumbledore." I am honoured to be anyone's Dumbledore, and I am contemplating getting going on my wizard beard. Move over Movember!

In recent weeks every moment with this wonderful gang of children and youth, from the very young to the mature teens has been poignant. They are developing as people, moving toward maturity, including in their Christian lives. And I am honoured that while Cathy Russell, Laura McLelland, parents, teachers, a youth-honouring congregation deserve so much credit for their development, I too have had a role. How fortunate I have been.

Any thoughts or comments about our great young people? Suggestions about the beard? Dumbledore out.


IanD said...

Personally, I'd rather be someone's Gandalf, but I'd better drop this line of reasoning lest I unleash a nerd civil war of epic proportions across the internet. (I'd also rather be someone's Captain Kirk, but there I go again dividing people.)

That Dumbledore line really is a great compliment, David. I remember thinking that about you too. First time I laid eyes on you, I thought "well, the St. Paul's basketball team probably thought they'd died and gone to heaven with this hombre."

The things kids say, huh? Last week, I had two girls asking me about some bullying I went through in grade seven. I laughed out loud a few minutes later when one of them said "well, we know he wasn't cyber-bullied: that didn't exist back then."


IanD said...

Two in one day, I know ... but this one's priceless, too.

Last year, I was telling my class about how, in grade 12, we actually had to take lessons in library on how to use this new invention called "the internet."

One wise-apple at the back of the room pipes up, "Hey, Dewell: is it also true that you knew Marconi personally?"

There's a lesson for you: how to devastate in 1 words or less!

IanD said...

*10 words!


Done for the day, I swear!

willowjakmom said...

Love the Comparison. Hate the beard.

Amy McClelland said...

It takes a village to raise a child! Growing up surrounded by the support, leadership, faith and love from the St.Paul's congregation has shaped the person I am today! It means the world to me to have such an amazing church family that has helped me to build and shape my faith at such a critical stage in my life.

Laurie said...

Thanks Ian for my laugh of the day.
I am a Captain Picard person myself.
Amy, you are so right, it does take a village to raise a child, and St.Paul's is a great village.

IanD said...

Dear Amy,

Thanks for chiming in (and for lowering the median age of our batch of blog respondants.)

We all win!