Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lion and the Lamb

  (Brian Gable /The Globe and Mail)

Another great Brian Gable cartoon in yesterday's Globe and Mail. The guy is brilliant.

As many of you are aware, my business card, email, Twitter account and blog are all Lion Lamb, which is a "kinda" reference to the vision of Isaiah for a day when the lion and lamb shall lie down together in peace and harmony. It is actually the wolf and the lion, but lion and lamb work better.  I have joked through the years that it really depends on the day and caffeine intake as to which beast I am.

As is often the case, a cartoon can say a great deal in one image. President Obama has unveiled his program for gun control, and as limited as it is the attack from the NRA came almost immediately. It crassly involved his children, claiming that their protection made the president a hypocrite. Of course every presidential family is under tight security, even after the president leaves office. But we need to realize that the NRA doesn't need to work from logic or facts. Theirs is what I feel is a demonic commitment to fear and violence.

I'm glad vice-president Biden included faith groups in the discussion about gun control in the States. And I do hope that there was a call for that new way of peace and harmony, although I always think of Woody Allen's quip that the lion and the lamb may lie down together, but the lamb won't get any sleep.



IanD said...

The "right" (i.e. - wrong) side of this debate just really comes across as increasingly unhinged. I was reading about one Georgia radio host who was urging "revolution," "uprising," and the like and ended his tirade by saying that anyone trying to take his assault rifle would be shot on sight.

I just hope the proposal becomes law. Developments in New York certainly are encouraging ...

sjd said...

What do we expect from an organization who has Ted Nugent as their president/poster boy. (Former 70 rocker who never did drugs)He's less credable that Lance Armstrong.
The same country that elected "The Terminator", "Jesse The Body", and the guy from the "Bonzo" movies to public offices.
The same country that travels the world "Defending Democracy" (Or their oil interests)
Manufacturing, and selling guns creates jobs(As well as job openings).
Don't blame the guns. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Guns just make it easier.

I'll stop now, or I'll go on all day.