Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Techy Thingies

Last week member Adam spent nearly three full days finishing up the installing of  five wi-fi "spiders" in our old, traditional church structure. In addition he brought our network up to speed, told our server to "make nice" and updated all our software and gremlin protection. Well, that is the way I describe it. It was generous of Adam to do this in his hiatus before his new job began Monday, and his skills as a network engineer mean we have one of the most sophisticated computer set-ups of any congregation in Bay of Quinte conference.

Why do this? We spent several thousand dollars running cable through the building last year in preparation for this wi-fi setup,and having a server is unusual in a church. What this means is that all our records including your financial contributions are protected, staff all have excellent computer connections with one another, and we can now invite Sunday School treachers and other leaders to use the internet in what they do. We have an excellent Sunday School curriculum which offers suggestions for video clips teachers can use, and they are good. Now they can use their tablets and computers to do so.

I am grateful to Adam for all this work and leadership. I commend our board for understanding that this capability is an aspect of church life in the 21st century and helpful in communicating the gospel, including our use of projection in worship. And I appreciate the patience of our older members who may not really comprehend all of this. A few years ago an elderly member who is still with us reminisced in worship about his early days at St. Paul's, the congregation where he was baptized 87 years ago. He could recall when there was a dirt floor in the basement and the drive shed shared by several congregations on Church St. where horses were sheltered during worship. In the same address he expressed his gratitude for the newcomers who have constantly brought vitality to the congregation through the years. Amen!

Are you okay with spending money on techythingys? Does this add to or detract from congregational life? Are you directly involved in using this technology at St. Paul's?

What are our energy alternatives, and why bother? Take a look at Groundling.


IanD said...

I really have to commend you, David, and Adam and everyone who recognizes the value of moving forward in order to sustain the congregation. The WiFi, the solar panels ... I find all of it very exciting.

I also find the recollections of our 87-year old member absolutely fascinating, and would love to hear more about those times in our church's life.

Past and present mixed together in one place sure makes the future look exciting.

Deborah Laforet said...

I would love to get the same technology up and running at St. Paul's in Oakville. And solar panels? Well, we might be a ways off from that. Congratulations St. Paul's!

Laura said...

We do have to find our kids where they are at...and technology is where we will find them. Video clips, and music videos add such interest to Sunday School.
A few weeks back we looked at Jesus baptism in Luke, and discussed our identities.."You are my beloved, my son, my daughter"..the curriculum took us to a great clip from the Lion King which even the teens remembered with great fondness as we watched..... (Simba:Remember Who You Are)

This week there is a really creative and beautiful suggestion called The Foundry Dance, as a parallel to exploring how God shapes us....take a peak if you get a chance..
Thank you Adam!

Amy McClelland said...

The internet is such a fantastic tool that reminds us, lessons about faith are not limited to Sunday mornings at St.Paul's. So much of the media that surrounds us everyday can contain religious lessons or parallels that help us to explore our faith and teach us about god. Thank you Adam for giving us easy access to the wonderful world of media!!

David Mundy said...

The Foundry Dance video is very cool! Excellent springboard to being created by God and a new creation in Christ.

Thanks for weighing in as a teen Amy.

Thanks to all of you, whichever St. Paul's is your home (dual citizenship Deb?) Rae A. is a treasure Ian.

Forail said...

It's absolutely my pleasure everyone! I'm SO happy I can share my talents with my church family. If it wasn't for all of you, my life would be very different. Thank you as well. :-)

Deb, if you need a hand, please don't hesitate to call. I'd be happy to discuss what we've done with you and/or a fellow techie. Or I can help bring this tech to your church. :-)