Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Solemn Eid

Eid. A few years ago this word would have meant nothing to me. Times change. Not only have I become more aware of aspects of Islam, including the fast of Ramadan, I know people who have observed this month. The Al Mansours, the Syrian refugee family we sponsored, have been observing Ramadan and today they celebrate Eid al-Fitr which is the "festival of breaking of the fast" which often includes gift-giving.

Some Muslims here in Canada have decided not to celebrate Eid today in solidarity with those who are mourning the death of loved ones who were killed in suicide bombings in Baghdad, Iraq. More than 250 died in the senseless, cowardly attacks. Here is a portion of the CBC report on Canadian Muslims who will take a more solemn approach to this day. the wake of a devastating attack by ISIS that killed more than 200 people in a busy shopping district in Baghdad on Sunday, many Muslims in Toronto say they have chosen not to celebrate the holiday. Hassan Jaber, an Iraqi-born mechanical engineer who lives in Ajax, Ont., told CBC News he was appalled at the timing of the attack, the deadliest seen in Baghdad in years
"We can't celebrate and be happy and walk around smiling when 230 men and women were killed for no reason," Jaber said. "I'm not celebrating Eid this year, and I know a lot of people that are doing the same thing."
He said the attack proves that the so-called Islamic State is anti-Islamic.
"What more proof do you need than them targeting their own during their own blessed month?" Jaber asked.Another Muslim in mourning as Ramadan ends is Fahad Al, the humanitarian co-ordinator for the Canadian Aid Organization for Iraqi Society Rehab.

I tweeted the reminder yesterday that hatred is indiscriminate and the brutality of ISIS or Daesh targets Muslims, as well as other religious groups. It is demonic and has nothing to do with God, however we describe God.

As Christians we can also choose to be mindful of those who lost their lives in Iraq and pray for peaceful coexistence with our Muslim brothers and sisters in this country.


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Frank said...

Just imagine how it might feel to us if some violent radicals hijacked their own, warped, and professed form of Christianity, and targeted moderate, inclusive Christians right before Christmas, including women and children.
This evil shows no signs of abating.