Saturday, July 02, 2016

Blessed are the Power-seekers

Image result for trump with Jerrry falwell jr
Jerry Falwell Jr. & Donald Trump

Recently Donald Trump met with a number of high profile American evangelical pastors and  celebrities seeking their endorsement for his presidential campaign. I didn't use the term "leaders" because I don' think they are worthy of it. Several of them have high profiles but it the event had a sickening feeling of celebrity seeking celebrity. There is a rather queasy-making photo of Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. grinning in front of a photo of The Donald with a Playboy bunny. Another "son of", Franklin Graham, is another piece of work who thinks Vladimir Putin is a good guy because he instituted draconian laws regarding homosexuality. What is God's name has happened to evangelicalism in the United States? Little wonder that a number of incisive evangelical leaders and writers in the States have jettisoned the term because it has essentially "jumped the shark " and become so debased.

The contention is that Trump has become a "born again" Christian, although James Dobson has backed off on that one. I figure a sucker is born every minute if this bunch believes this. Someone did an analysis of Trump's 4,000 rambling words in the meeting and noted that Jesus. Faith. Pray. Christ. Bible were MIA. What was it that encouraged this bunch during the conversation. I'm thinking the prospect of being alongside power should he win.

Ah well. It is a strange world we live in. Have you been aware of this development? Have you been able to hold down your lunch?


Judy said...

I think we Canadians are really going to miss Obama !

Frank said...

Gag me with a spoon already!