Friday, December 02, 2016


Yesterday morning, on World AIDS Day, I tweeted my mindfulness of those I have known through the years with HIV/AIDS, including, sadly, those whose funerals and memorial services I conducted.

I was recruited for the AIDS committee of Sudbury in the late 1980s when there was still a fair amount of uncertainty about the disease and widespread stigma. I was uncertain about my involvement on the committee, particularly when I was asked to visit men in the hospital and eventually to preside at the services.

Looking back I'm grateful for what I learned about grace and acceptance, despite my discomfort. As is so often the reality in ministry I have grown as a person and a Christian when I am pushed beyond my places of safety and security. I am required to ask what the Good News means, and for whom Christ is Good News.

There have been a number of these occasions for reflection since I announced my retirement, thanks be to God. What I know in my heart is that I don't own the gospel. It is my sacred responsibility to share it, to live it.

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