Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Risky Incarnation

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I was grumpy at the breakfast table this morning, which is not a unique experience. I was reacting to the news that two skiers out west had deliberately entered a restricted area and ended up dangerously stuck. Rescuers did their best as night fell but had to wait until morning to bring them to safety. While the stranded men were safe in a snow cave even in the light of day the rescue was tricky. One of the skiers acknowledged that what they had done was foolish and put rescuers at risk. I got really heated though when he said he was looking forward to getting home to his wife and baby. Selfish jerk!

I also reacted to another report about deaths related to the deadly fentanyl and carfentanil drugs which are resulting in many overdose deaths. Recently we saw dramatic film footage of a nurse and RCMP officer keeping an overdose victim alive in the back of a pickup truck speeding to a hospital. Again, the  brave responders lives were put at risk.

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On the bus to work I mused about this and thought about the season we're in. Although we focus on the birth of a child, the advent of Jesus always leads from manger to cross. God took the "risk of birth" in Jesus, the Christ, and we are grateful not only for his teaching and example but his self-giving love. The incarnation was and is risky, and while we humans have this tendency to selfishness and look for other gods, the God we see in Jesus doesn't give up on us.

Thank God for rescuers and the Rescuer.

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Judy said...

I choose to see Christ in all who give selflessly to help others... even if they don't identify as Christians ... God works in us and others by the Spirit...