Sunday, May 27, 2018

Asylum and Compassion

Many Canadians are aware that a growing number of refugees and asylum seekers are coming across the border with the United States. This is not a legal immigration process and once the claims of these people, many of whom are Haitians, are reviewed they are deported.

This situation has resulted in a range of responses to what is a complicated situation. The border agents and police have been courteous and often kind. One officer has installed a child seat in his cruiser because families are arriving.  

One hot spot for crossings is Roxham Rd in Quebec and members of the small United Church congregation have been attempting to extend some form of welcome. The local Anglican congregation has hosted an information and question event. Some of these folk are elderly and enjoy the peace and quiet of their rural lives. They are also compassionate and understand the desperation of those who are making the crossing.

Some employers have worked with government to offer work opportunities to those whose claims are being considered. Those who are opposed to what is happening have organized protests, and while there has been some angry rhetoric there is still general civility. We can pray that this continues. I agree that people shouldn't be able to jump the queue when it comes to immigration. At the same time we don't want to become Americanized in the vile approach to those who are seeking asylum in that country. More about that tomorrow.


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