Thursday, May 17, 2018

No, Not Even Water

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The Muslim time of reflection and fasting called Ramadan began on Tuesday and will continue for thirty days until  June 14th. Those of us who are Christian or Christian-ish in this country tend not to know much about Islam, or other religions for that matter. There is a Toronto woman, Fahmida Kamali who describes herself as a "gateway Muslim," someone who is doing her best to educate non-Muslims about aspects of Islamic faith, particularly Ramadan. I heard her on CBC Metro Morning and appreciated her open and refreshing approach. She assures those not in the know that there aren't any stupid questions and it's important to just ask rather than avoid.

She says that Muslims don't mind if non-Muslims eat while they are fasting and that no, they don't even drink water during the day. She commented that for her Ramadan is not a dreary time of self-denial but an opportunity to discover her best self. I'd never thought of it that way, but Christians who fast would likely agree.

Have a listen to her interview and then took a look at the presentation she created for those at her place of work who might not know much about Ramadan.

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