Monday, May 07, 2018

The Churches and Bill C-262

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The General Council offices of the United Church of Canada have steadily shrunk through the past couple of decades but the staff and moderator manage to continue issuing thoughtful and courageous statements as Christian responses to important national and international situations.

Last week the UCC joined with other faith groups asking the Canadian Parliament to make an upcoming vote on Bill C-262 unanimous. Here is a portion of the press release:
We welcome … a wide and transformative conversation among Canadians about the better future we intend to foster, not just for Indigenous peoples, but for all of us who long to live in a society grounded in right relationships and equity.
As the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs completes hearings on Bill C-262, an act to ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, leaders of eight national churches and church organizations have written to the leaders of the five federal parties urging their support of the bill when it returns to the House of Commons for third reading. Saying that “building a new relationship and passing Bill C-262 into law are non-partisan issues that warrant the support of all Parliamentarians,” the church leaders urged unanimous support of the bill.

The United Church has worked for several decades now to restore and establish "right relations" with Aboriginal peoples in this country. Part of this is penitence and financial compensation. Advocacy and solidarity are important as well.

Here is the link to the letter sent to Prime Minister Trudeau and I'd encourage you to read it.

I think today's Groundling blog might be worthwhile reading as well!


Judy said...

Anyone who doubts that Indigenous people are wed quite a bit by whites should see the movie "Indian Horse" paying at the Cineplex Theatre right now - very sobering insight to what went on in residential schools ... makes me feel very ashamed of my white forbears.

David Mundy said...

Sad but true Judy. Indian Horse was an excellent book.