Monday, March 23, 2020

Our Spiritual To-Do List


In Ontario, places of worship were closed over the weekend, whether mosques or synagogues, temples or churches. Some figured out how to broadcast services, some even figured out how to offer virtual eucharist or communion. It's impressive how creative communities of faith are. At our home congregation, Trenton United, pastor/son Isaac provided an array of online spiritual resources, including materials for children.

We took to the woods, stopping by a couple of waterfalls which were raging torrents and then walking trails which were all but empty. As we walked through a beautiful stand of hemlock we offered Holy, Holy, Holy. We saw a Pileated  woodpecker in flight close at hand and it was a manifestation of the Spirit of the Living God, wild and free. 

I like the list above and the invitation to mindfulness which includes all the senses. We were able to do so yesterday and we certainly didn't take the opportunity for granted.

We say a blessing over our supper meal each evening and it has become a little lengthier these days with prayers for the health and safety of our family, the stamina of courageous health care workers, and the wisdom of political leaders. Even if we may have slipped away from what many of us call "grace", this may be a good time to revive the practice. 

The grace and peace of Christ be with you all in this day. May you find your quiet centre amidst the turbulence. 

Human air travel may be curtailed but the winged wonders of the creaturely world are on the move. Today's Groundling blog

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Jones Falls Ontario


Judy said...

It certainly is a surreal time ! On line spiritual helps are great and welcome - but I am really missing my social contacts, my musical groups, and the freedom of connecting . I have an arrangement with one of my neighbours to go for a neighbourhood walk and explore small side streets that we have not noticed before (6 feet apart at all times). Mostly, I miss being able to stop by and see my family and snuggle my great grandchildren !

David Mundy said...

i heard one of the organizers of Choir!Choir!Choir! talking about their efforts to get people together online to sing. It sure isn't the same as gathering to make a joyful sound. Stay safe, Judy. We grandparents will be Skyping and FaceTiming up a storm!

roger said...

Certainly everyone is being deeply affected. I have found it difficult to not be able to visit my Dad who is in an extendicare. I had been visiting him two or three times a week before this. The only blessing is that he is in a state in which he very likely doesn't remember if I have visited or not. But I miss him nevertheless.

Being a borderline germaphobe before all of this started, all I can say is there will never be enough soap in my house!

David Mundy said...

My heart goes out to you, Roger, and to all those who are in similar circumstances with elderly family members. My brother and I are grateful that we didn't have to go through that separation from our mother who also lived with dementia. These are stressful times for so many in both the big decisions and the quiet realities of everyday life.

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