Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Sweet the Sound

Praise is remarkable. The spoken word has its power but praise in the form of singing can transport us to another reality. In many mainline churches that singing can be rather tame and predictable and earthbound rather than "high and lifted up."

Last night nine finalist choirs "sang off" in the Verizon How Sweet the Sound choir competition in Los Angeles. Something tells me that these choirs were animated if past winners are any indication. Last year's champions must travel with their own chiropractor and defibrilator!

We might not want to go to quite the extent of these choirs, but they do catch our attention. What do you think holds us back from unfettered praise? What is the difference between giving God the glory and hogging it for ourselves? We love our choirs but could we use a "praise transplant" in our congregations? There are lots of choir members and a choir director as readers, so can I get a witness?


Anonymous said...

Were they tested for performance enhancing drugs?

Laura said...

I thought we sounded pretty sweet this morning singing When the Saints Go Marching In.....toes were tapping, hands were clapping....for was lively and yet still authentic....and maybe that is enough.

I did hear that their was a beautiful solo after the Sunday School folks had departed this morning. We are continually blessed by beautiful, meaningful music by all of our choirs and band.

As a denomination we seem to show praise differently, but it is deeply rooted, and although perhaps not overt, very real, service oriented, and thankfully our God knows all the unspoken words of our heart.