Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Living Word

I wasn't aware until yesterday that a remarkable and monumental project was completed earlier this year. The St. John's bible is the first illuminated manuscript of the entire bible created since the invention of moveable type 500 years ago. that time every bible was painstakingly copied by hand. The most elaborate were those with illustrations or illuminations. We probably all have images in our minds of monks hunched over manuscripts with quills and inkpots.

This bible was about fifteen years in the making and the calligraphy and illustrations created by a team of artists are remarkable. While the techniques are hundreds of years old, there are images of 911 and the Japan tsunami within its more than 1,000 pages, giving it a contemporary feel.

Is this project a waste of time and money given the easy accessibility to printed bibles? Would you like to see the finished project? Might it encourage interest in the bible?

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johnny said...

I think it is a great idea. Giving it a more contemporary feel may attract more interest. I guess you need to change with the times, and if this new version sparks something among the next generation, why not?

I'd be interested in having a look.