Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Radical Peacemaker

I don't do this often but here is a second blog for the day. On Sunday I spoke about St. Francis, inviting folk to consider his radical life as an enduring legacy for our time as well. I mentioned Shane Claiborne as a modern-day Francis. Claiborne has been doing important inner city work in Philadelphia with the poor and homeless. He came to speak at Rendez Vous, the conference attended by more than 600 United Church young people this past August.

Well, today, the Feast of St. Francis, Shane Claiborne has a piece in the Huffington Post on Francis of Assisi. Whaddya know. Take a look.

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Laura said...

Shane is worth a second blog entry anyday!...what an inspiration he was at RendezVous. The youth (and leaders) were deeply affected by this contemporary character with such a deep and radical and active faith. He sure "walks the talk". His book "Jesus for President" is next on my list....interesting title to consider,I'm thinking now, as we head to the polls.