Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesus on Wall St.

On Sunday I began my message by referring to the Occupy movement which went global two weekends ago. Whether we think Occupy is the fresh new face of democracy or a naiive and fleeting attempt at challenging the "principalities and powers" it has caught our attention. I was linking the movement to the passage from the book of Leviticus for the day which tells us to avoid idols, treat rich and poor equally, and love our neighbours. In the gospel passage from Matthew Jesus says that the Great Commandment is to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves, the latter part being a scripture shout out to Leviticus

Since Sunday I have seen more images from Occupy rallies that demonstrate a lot of creativity, including the ones above with a Christian theme. Who knows, maybe the movement won't just fade away, although winter is coming.

Take a look at this article by Walter Brueggemann, esteemed Old Testament scholar for his reflection on the broken covenant in the United States.

What do you think a month along?

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