Sunday, October 23, 2011

Waking up Baptism

This morning we baptised three beautiful babies, one only a little over a month old. We have been working at making baptism more watery, using various visuals to help us out. We have a glass bowl which extends above the level of the font so the water is visible as it is poured and during the baptisms. The blue cloth flows down from the font as a reminder that water flows -- baptism isn't a stagnant sacrament. We are people of the Christ who is Living Water.

We also include children from the congregation, asking a different child to pour the water each time, an honour they beg for! And from time to time all the kids get to add water. Do you see the clear film canisters atop the font? Each child is given one as they enter the sanctuary and all of them come to the front before the baptism to add the water warmed in their little hands.

How do you feel about altering the symbolism to "wake up" this sacrament? Do you have a child who participated? What do you do in your church?


IanD said...

I had never seen it done this way. Interesting!

Laura said...

The kids love to be involved. The energy is buzzing as they anticipate their part.

I enjoyed yesterday watching a proud older cousin, of one of the babies to be baptized, take charge of water distribution and make sure one of her teenage friends also had a capsule of water to pour into the font, just like the younger kids.

Some of the Sunday School kids yesterday were quite sure they "remembered" their own baptisms, in their minister's arms, looking up through the water? Just maybe.....

The teens talked, when they gathered last night, with great affection and connection for the babes of the congregation.

I enjoy hearing the background of the families presenting their children for baptism also. Kind of like figuring out our church- family tree.

My Mom always teared up at baptisms...grace-filled tears, I think. I seem to do the same, now.

Nan said...

I loved the way the kids were able to participate in the baptism yesterday. I watched the sister of one of the babies as she poured her water into the bowl and thought of how wonderful it was that was that she added some of the water that would in turn be used for her little brother. I also love listening to the background of the families presenting their children and how the grandparents and friends grin and wave as you bring the child down into the congregation. It is a wonderful time, not only in the lives of the families, but in the life of our church.