Sunday, October 02, 2011

Something Fishy Going On

The weather just didn't cooperate this morning for an outdoor Blessing of the Animals. It was cold and by the end of worship the rain was teeming down. I thought of cancelling but I encouraged folk to bring their companion critters anyway, and they did. Gathering in the hall there weren't as many pets as usual but we still had lots of dogs, a rabbit named Cottonball and a fish named Pip. Well, Pip, the tropical fish, was as home but her tween parent asked if I would do the blessing in absentia. And I did.

Some of the dogs have been part of every blessing at St. Paul's and one of the Golden Retrievers had a recent encounter with a skunk. I didn't notice until I stooped for the blessing -- I knelt, he smelt.

Two of the pooches were recently acquired puppies and they were adorable. Another is a young dog whose owner told me tearfully that he wasn't long for this world because of seizures. But that was back in January, and there he was to receive God's blessing once again. Medication has given him a new lease on life.

I read a note from retired vet Rich who reflected on his own menagerie and his sense of loss now that he is no longer working with animals on a daily basis. He couldn't be with us but his voice was heard.

As I come to each animal in the circle I see the love and pride in the humans who share life with them. It is a lovely moment, even when there is a trace of skunk.



Nancy said...

The kids love this service. Our tween, was full of talk of the puppies, and could she have one. She appreciated Pip being blessed. Pets do teach children about responsibility and unconditional love.

janet.rice said...

We love Crosby whether he smells or not!

sjd said...

Animals are so interesting. I just happened to look out the window yesterday while Cottonball was having his cage cleaned. We have a make shift fence that he can run around in while the work is done. It's on the lawn so he gets some fresh grass, and more room to streach his legs. While in this pen our dog who is part sheppard part black lab went over to the fence to inspect the rabbit. She circled the fence, and the little white rabbit followed as close as he could all the way around. Then the dog lay down close to the fence, and the rabbit pushed his head through the wire. They rubbed noses, and then lay as close to each other as possible. When the dog ran off to chase an intruding squirl the little rabbit stood with his paws on the fence intently watching his new friend chase after another small animal.
I think he was rooting for the dog.

It was a very cute scene that I wanted to share.