Friday, November 25, 2011

Buy Nothing!

The magazine and website Adbusters has pointed out that Occupy encampments have been dismantled across North America in the past week. Meanwhile, people in the United States are camped out in anticipation of store openings today in the hope of scoring the big bargain on consumer items as part of Black Friday, the craziest shopping day of the year. Good point!

Actually, I do think it was time for the Occupy movement to rethink its strategy even though the message remains important. I like the contrast though, and the campaign by Adbusters to counteract Black Friday with Buy Nothing Friday. That's the day in the U.S. and tomorrow, Saturday, is the international Buy Nothing day.

Can you do this tomorrow? I'm honestly trying to figure out if I can get through an entire day without spending money. No gasoline fill-up, snack, grocery purchases...nada. An interesting way to approach Advent with an invitation to simplicity as an antidote to Xmas consumerism.

Could you establish a personal "no buy zone" for a day? Have you tried to simplify Christmas? Successful or unsuccessful?


johnny said...

I'm afraid I won't be able to participate tomorrow - I'm going to the Symphony. But, I am pretty sure I can manage at least a day a week of spending nothing. Being fortunate enough to walk to work is a start!

My family and I are in agreement that Christmas is not meant to bankrupt anybody, so although we all exchange gifts, it is understood that we don't go overboard on our spending.

Laura said...

There are days I don't spend anything, the car sits in the driveway but don't feel that it is that intentional....just circumstance.

We do try to simplify Christmas each year, with varying degrees of success.

I am reminded of this week's Sunday Schoool scripture from 1 Corinthians,(The Message) "Just think-you don't need a thing, you've got it all! All God's gifts are right in front of you..." I will keep that in my mind, as Christmas draws near...

The kids are off school today and are hoping to take in a show...maybe we will walk to the theatre.....(can you hear the groans?)

IanD said...

It's tough, but most Saturdays I am able to stowe the car and the wallet with relative ease.

Nothing deliberate, just too tired to go anywhere and/or buy anything. Family time is the best time, and it's free!

Anonymous said...

I actually almost never carry money in any form. I walk everywhere I go, and most days I don't spend a cent. Although, I am aware that just by existing, a daily tally of pay-later consumption is taking place - heat, hydro, water, etc.