Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Right Decision

Thank God a British Columbia court decision upheld the laws on polygamy this past week. I say the "thank God" part sincerely. We all have issues which push the proverbial buttons and this one has angered me deeply because a group of men have masked their paedophilia and abuse of women under the guise of religion. In the United States Warren Jeffs, the leader of the breakaway Mormon sect which promotes this supposed polygamy has been convicted for having sex with his fifteen underage "wives" and sentenced to life in prison.

It will be interesting to see what happens next in the community called Bountiful in B.C. While the government has been reluctant to lay charges this decision may force prosecutors to summon the courage to end this abuse. The problem is that according to the law the women have also committed a crime, even though many of them were children who were forced into these relationships. The children of these polygamous families could suffer the most if they are taken from both parents. In a strange twist one of the women told reporters to f___ off and leave them alone.

As with so many people I am disheartened by the way religions can distort their message to support the subjugation of women. I'm glad to be part of a denomination which has wrestled with this dark reality for decades, although its not as though we have "arrived."

What is your reaction to all this, or have you been aware of what's happening out there on the Left Coast?

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