Monday, November 14, 2011

United Voices

Last evening roughly 200 people gathered at St. Paul's for a rousing choir concert and hymn sing. The senior choirs from Trinity United, our neighbour down the street, and St. Paul's sang three anthems each and joined together for a seventh. The two junior choirs sang together as well. In between we sang some of the classic hymns of the faith and wound it all up with The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended, a wonderful evening hymn which is hardly ever sung because we don't worship at the end of the day anymore.

Everyone in the congregation sang enthusiastically and great credit goes to Doug and John, the two music directors who organized the event. Doug graciously relinquished the organ to John and accompanied on the piano --and did so marvellously in my estimation.

So much about this was good. The opportunity to sing in this way is a tonic. The choirs were at their best. And of course the cooperation of the two congregations is essential, and what better way to do so than in the shared gift of music. It proved that we can "make nice" together and wrap it all up in just over an hour!

Any comments about the evening itself and the spirit of cooperation?


IanD said...

I really enjoyed the show.

It was nice for this Bowmanville kid to see so many faces from my childhood on the same stage, still doing so well what I remember them doing for so many years.


Susan said...

It was a wonderful evening and a feast for the soul! I thoroughly enjoyed singing the hymns but it was also delightful to be silent to hear that many voices raised in praise to our Creator. Thank you to all who put the evening together including the potluck supper ahead of time.

Laura said...

I believe God was smiling too! :)

IanD said...

I think God was smiling that Dad had no time for off-base jokes at a concert in His house, for once ... :)