Monday, November 28, 2011

Hope for Positive Change

Here we go again. Another international climate change conference, this one in Durban, South Africa. It's hard to know what to think about these conferences. Lots of representatives from countries around the world create a hefty carbon footprint getting to the event, dither and squabble for a few days, then fly home without an agreement. Wait, did I say that in print? I realize how cynical that reads but it's fairly close to the truth in my estimation.

Our United Church moderator, Mardi Tindal, will be there and she has raised the issues around climate change with Canadian church leaders:

Our Canadian Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change, released October 25, 2011, has been lifted up by many global church networks and reproduced in Embassy magazine. Signatures have been added to it, including those of the Canadian Religious Conference and many religious congregations of men and women. A couple of Catholic papers, for example, picked up a recent article by Joe Gunn. This week I accepted an invitation from the World Council of Churches to make a presentation about this statement during the WCC's event within the COP17.

I remain dubious about the motives of nations at these conferences, yet how can I ignore the theme of hope which began our Advent season yesterday? I encourage you to stay aware of the events from a United Church perspective by following the moderator's blog.

Were you aware this conference was taking place? Are you hopeful about a positive outcome? Are you okay with the moderator taking part in Durban?

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IanD said...

I am cautiously optimistic, and am likewise hoping that more will come from this than in 1998.

Back then, Canada's sole contribution to the debate was Stephan Dion naming his dog "Kyoto."