Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Legacy of Prayer

On Sunday I drew the congregation's attention to an upcoming meeting of the group which knits Prayer Shawls for those who are going through challenging times, including illness.

After worship a member told me about the shawl which we gave to her elderly mother several years ago. The mom was not a member of St. Paul's but when she came to live in Bowmanville we visited her and the shawl was close at hand. When she died I was called and went to the nursing home for prayers with the family who had gathered, including a great niece. The member who spoke to me on Sunday let me know that the niece had developed cancer earlier this year and the shawl was passed on to her. Sadly, she died during the summer and now her husband sleeps with the shawl as a source of comfort. Who could have known the legacy of that act of kindness in knitting the shawl.

I have wondered whether the prayer shawls would be a worthwhile ministry for a certain moment in time, or have staying power. What do you think? Have you experienced the comfort of a shawl (Ruth and I have, thanks to a thoughtful colleague in ministry)?


Lori-Ann said...

I was given a prayer shawl and it has been a source of comfort for me.

IanD said...

It's a neat idea, and I remember one being a source of comfort for my Unkle Dave as he was in hospital suffering from cancer.

A neat, symbolic idea with very real, tangible warmth to it.

Nancy said...

I find mine a source of comfort, and like the idea of passing it on to someone else who will find it comforting as well. Will keep that in mind.

janet.rice said...

Wonderful project on many levels, as described by all bloggers. I love to share my shawl with visitors.

lionlamb said...

Thanks all. Good to hear about the variety of experiences.