Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight

After worship on Sunday a member who has been travelling for the past month commented enthusiastically about the service. He started out with "maybe it's because I've been away..." and then expressed his appreciation for the involvement of so many people in different ways.

It got me thinking. Of course there were two dozen choir members, a group of committed volunteers we could easily take for granted. A senior and a child brought the wreath forward as part of our Remembrance portion of the service. We had a scripture reader and three young people led the Prayers of the People. Our Loaves and Fishes group added another five participants, other than the two choir members, three of them youth.

But as the commercials say "wait, there's more!" One guy each on the sound board, projection, and video recording. Ushers and greeters. A committee served us coffee and juice after worship. Sunday School teachers. And the junior choir practiced at 9:30 even though they didn't sing in the service. My guesstimate is between fifty five and sixty volunteers, which was about a quarter of those in worship on Sunday. The member who jump-started my brain is right -- this is impressive.

Given that the average attendance in a United Church congregation is about sixty, this was an important gift of time. And this is just on Sunday morning.

Congregations wouldn't be congregations without the active involvement of members. Call them volunteers or disciples, their activity should humble every paid staff member.



IanD said...

Great work, everyone! Man, you're making me feel terrible! Someone pick me up on the way to church on Sunday!

Well done!

Nancy said...

There are drivers, who do pick ups, if need be Ian. :)

lionlamb said...

True Nancy. Ian is roughly 50 years younger than the usual demographic but we will make exceptions!