Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Common Sense...Yours to Discover

I received an email from the Rev. Jo Sorrill this morning saying that she has been turned down for renewal of her specialized licensed plates once again. I won't say vanity plates because one CBC listener phoned in and offered that ministers shouldn't indulge in vanity. Seriously.

The reason this time? "Rev" is the name of an alcoholic beverage. So she is promoting excessive speed, drinking, and religious fervour. If only the United Church had known all these years. We might have defrocked her as well.

Since Jo's message the premier of the province of Ontario has stepped in and made the peace offering of renewing the plates. He suggested that the government needed to exercise common sense from time to time. Amen. How about every day?


lam said...
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lam said...

I'm glad Dalton McGuinty has stepped in and finally stopped this. How much money and time has been wasted. A story in the Toronto star in today's paper explains that people on Welfare are trying to make ends meet and get their income cut and rent increased because they take a part time job and here are people getting paid because they disagree with a Minister's vanity plate. What will be next??? Maybe they will take away all the vanity plates the WarVets have because they encourage war????

lionlamb said...

Good point. Focus people, focus!