Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Furry Prophets

I will soon be heading into the first of two study groups for the day. We have been looking at different approaches to prayer in the evening while continuing our lectionary group in the morning.

So, it will be John the Baptist today, preparing the way for his cousin Jesus. When we get to these readings I always try to figure out who the prophets for our time are.

A couple of weeks ago Macleans magazine asked the question Who is Canada's best MP? The answer, derived from answers to questions posited to other members of parliament, is a United Church minister. Okay, NDPer Bill Blaikie has been toiling on Parliament Hill for 28 years, but he began a s a lowly UCC minister. I was struck by the phrase "he found in the bible a tradition of challenging the ruling elite."

Big, furry guy challenging the "powers that be." Sounds like John the Baptist to me.

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