Thursday, December 27, 2007

On Christmas Day in the Morning

Before our gang was "up and running" on Christmas morning I made a trip to the hospital. One of our folk has been discouraged in this season because she will not return to her home and knows that her next residence will be a nursing home. She loves Christmas and attending the services of the season, so her confinement to a hospital bed made her doubly sad. I knew I didn't have to go but her situation was in my mind so I decided to take a few minutes to check on her. She was glad to see me and was quite positive -- her more usual disposition. I read the Christmas story to her and we prayed.

On to see a woman in her 90's who we were sure was not long for this world. Lo and behold, she was sitting up and eating breakfast. In fact she seemed more intent on her breakfast than me, which was an encouraging sign!

Finally a visit with an elderly woman who had a stroke and ended up in intensive care. I wasn't aware that this had occurred until I got to the hospital. She was obviously scared, which was understandable. She could speak clearly and held my hand as we prayed.

I was back home before 9:00 and found the family ready to open gifts and celebrate the day.
Christmas is not always joyful for people, but we can listen for the voice of the angel encouraging us not to be afraid.

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