Sunday, December 09, 2007

White Gift Wonder

There was a mountain of White Gifts that weren't actually white at our church today. They aren't swathed in white tissue anymore because the Salvation Army and other recipients must turn around and unwrap them for distribution. The S.A. and Bethesda House shelter will make sure this year's gifts find suitable homes.

There was also a "full house" of worshippers including plenty of grandparents there to grin at the young participants from their families. Thanks to our Sunday School coordinator, Cherri, her teachers, and Rev. Cathy, the kids were well prepared to deliver a message of the Christ who comes to us through all our senses.

Sitting in the congregation for the fifth year in a row I was struck by the development of the children. Some I had baptized and are now singing with the youngest class. Kids who were too shy to come forward for the children's time during my first Fall are now confident readers and soloists in the junior choir.

All this is deeply satisfying and a reminder of the importance of community for the development of these young Christians.


Nancy said...

As one of those proud parents, I too am struck at how far our children have come. My daughter read a prayer and my heart pounded as she began, for in the past she wouldn't speak to adults and then in only a whisper. I was so proud of how well she spoke and projected her voice! How the friendships she has developed at church have encouraged her and helped her to grow. Thank you to all of the organizers for a wonderful service.

lionlamb said...

We spoke about your daughter, among other children, in the church office this morning. We noted how confident she was in the service. Not only are you a proud parent, there is a sense of family amongst others in the congregation who feel related through the spirit of Christ.