Sunday, December 30, 2007

Creaton Sightings

This weekend's weather has been rather gloomy but we got out for a walk at Second Marsh at the edge of Oshawa. The marsh is sandwiched between Lake Ontario and Canada's busiest highway, the 401. Even though the roar of traffic is constant and the General Motors building is omnipresent the marsh is rich in wildlife. The birds include ducks of all kinds and various herons, owls, and raptors, woodpeckers.

There are also many mammals. We have seen white-tailed deer, red foxes, mink, beaver, muskrat, rabbits, squirrels, voles and mice. This weekend's sighting was a coyote trotting across the ice of the marsh, unfortunate muskrat in its mouth. It glanced at us from time to time but didn't break stride.

Our route is roughly five kilometres in length and we nearly always see some creature or enjoy some view, including a constantly changing perspective on our inland sea. Even on grey winter days our spirits are lifted. This time we came to a spot where the chickadees have developed a bravado when it comes to humans. We pulled out some sunflower seeds and in seconds there was a mob around and on us. At times there were three or four perched on our fingers for a meal.

Second Marsh is a reminder of the diversity of God's creation and how those creatures can thrive if given a chance.

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