Saturday, December 15, 2007

Joy in Bali?

On a morning when we are getting dire warnings of a winter storm we are told of a tentative international agreement on global warming. The negotiations continued after the official conclusion of the Bali conference and while it is a watered down accord (excuse the pun) without hard targets it is at least a commitment to work together. Sadly, John Baird, the Canadian environment minister absented himself from the critical session which says so much about our government's pathetic lack of leadership in Bali. Frankly I am ashamed of the Canadian involvement.

If worship actually takes place tomorrow on the Advent Sunday of Joy I will speak about the promise of Isaiah that the day will come when Earth itself will rejoice and the deserts will bloom. God's salvation in Christ extends to all that lives. It ain't over until it's over so there is hope of salvation for our government!
There is a Spanish hymn in Voices United which paraphrases the promises of hope in Isaiah:
1 All earth is waiting to see the Promised One,
and open furrows await the seed of God.
All the world, bound and struggling, seeks true liberty;
it cries out for justice and searches for the truth.
2 Thus says the prophet to those of Israel,
'A virgin mother will bear Emmanuel.'
One whose name is 'God with us', our Saviour shall be,
through whom hope will blossom once more within our hearts.

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