Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ways that Never Parted

Tomorrow marks the end of Hanukkah and it has been years since we neither set up the menorah in our home, nor lighted the menorah candles in church. No good reason -- just life!I am fascinated by the Hanukkah story and a sucker for the lighting of candles in worship. Some of you may remember that last year, during Hanukkah, we baptized a new member who grew up Jewish and lit the menorah as a reminder of his tradition which doesn't have to be extinguished.

More and more I wonder why we have acted as though Christianity supercedes Judaism, even though Jesus never relinquished his Jewish faith, nor did the apostle Paul. Not long ago Anne Coulter blithely told a Jewish interviewer that Christians are "perfected Jews." Coulter is a truly arrogant women, but we have often shared and expressed that arrogance in a more polite fashion.
I am confident that we can be faithful followers of Christ without denigrating other traditions, especially with our roots in Judaism.

I just bought a book of essays called The Ways that Never Parted about the relationship between Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages. I'm sure it will be helpful and the title encourages me.

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