Saturday, July 16, 2011

Backyard Park

Today Parks Canada is celebrating a century of protecting wild spaces in this country with events in the parks. along with concerts in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer was commissioned by the CBC to write a campfire song to celebrate the event. You can find it at the CBC website.

As I mentioned recently, the newest national park is actually urban -- or shall we call it "rurban?" The Rouge Valley park will be about 15,000 acres in Scarborough and Markham. There are some who are hoping that another 20,000 acres or more will be added in the form of the lands set aside for the Pickering airport 40 years ago. This land has remained a relatively unspoiled jewel in the midst of urban sprawl and the streams that run through it are amongst the cleanest in Southern Ontario.

The trouble is, noises are being made once again about using this tract for another airport. Instead of national parkland it would be home to a steady stream of jet planes. A few years ago our Oshawa to Presbytery of the United Church wrote to the federal government asking for a redesignation of the airport site as a protected space.

What do you think? Should congregations and presbytery take up the cause again?


Laurie said...

Yes they should take up the cause again. I remember marching 40 years ago, carrying a sign "People not Planes" I was 10 years old. My Dad's family comes from Claremont so we knew lots of people affected by this.

IanD said...

The more the merrier, I'd say.

lionlamb said...

Good reminder Laurie about what happened back then. You're right Ian -- every voice matters.

Anonymous said...

In my grade ten civics class we had women from the people not planes group talk to us. I completely agree that we should take up the cause again if the whispers become actions.

lionlamb said...

I'm glad I check back on blogs from time to time. Thanks Jonathan.