Friday, July 15, 2011

More Blessings

Now that our children are adults and don't travel with us we can choose other form of accomodation than motels and camping. We still camp because of the beauty of our provincial and national parks but we have really enjoyed B&B's in recent years.

On our return trip from Nova Scotia we staying at a charming place near the village of Kamouraska on the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River. The B&B is in the country but Kamouraska is close by and has an amazing boulangerie (bakery) a decadent chocolate shop and great restaurants including a gourmet pizzeria with at least 30 choices. We love this distinct culture that allows small villages to be centres of creativity and culture.

Later we sat on the deck of the B&B and watched farmers literally make hay while the sun shines. In fact, they used lights to bail hay until after 11 and it was a good thing. It rained heavily during the night. There was a fox who was also figuratively making hay while the sun shone, hunting between the rows of freshly mown hay. There was such a sense of contentment watching the humans and the fox in the harvest, the sense of life's balance and completeness. The next morning the hills behind us were shrouded in mist and the hay field was done.

As with yesterday's entry, there is a sense of the Creator's blessing in this "off the beaten path" beauty.I had to take a picture of the only gas station in town. Talk about retro!

Any off road travel for you this summer?


Laurie said...

I miss the east, thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Road trip this September to see family and friends in Vancouver and Edmonton.

Laura said...

We love a roadtrip, our kids included. From the time they have been babies we piled in the car, often dog included, and headed off on the "open road" with great pleasure and anticipation. Perhaps my glasses have gone a bit rosey with the passing of time...dirty diapers, crying and boredom may have surfaced now and again, but we still look forward to heading out so it couldn't have been that bad.
As you talked of the haying I recall a favourite memory from one Thanksgiving Weekend driving from Winnipeg to Calgary and back again while watching hours of harvest by sunlight, and then headlights, as the farmers stole every last hour of the day to finish their noble work.
Driving for us, has seemed more relaxing than air travel. We enjoy pondering the change in scenery as we move towards our destination.
Our 14 year old just stated last weekend as we headed out on a day trip that it was her favoutite way to spend a Saturday.
We head east soon. Looking forward to experiencing some of what of what you have written about...

Anonymous said...

Ive been off the beaten path for a while ata summer camp on Lake Temiskaming. Being away from the craziness that is the GTA really helps you get in touch with god, dont you think?