Monday, July 11, 2011

Going Local

We made our way through Nova Scotia at a time when we could visit the Halifax Farmers Market on a Saturday morning. This market is the oldest in the country and one of the best, and at its best on Saturdays. It has expanded dramatically since we lived there, occupying the former brewery which was its old home, and its new, expanisve digs at Pier 20. Both sites are pictured above The Pier 20 building is now an environmental marvel as well as a venue for hundreds of food producers, vintners, brewers, and artisans. We loved the market then, and it is wonderful still.

Because we were on our way to our south shore refuge for a week we stocked up on all kinds of stuff: a chicken, sausages, bread, pastries, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, strawberries. All produced by people who will chat you up while tallying your bill.

I seem to regularly revisit the importance of food grown locally. Its not the "be all and end all" but for us it is important both from a health standpoint and a spiritual perspective. We need to be connected to the food which nourishes and sustains us, as well as those who produce it. The Old Testament has a largely agrarian focus, and Jesus uses many images of field and food. So why wouldn't this matter to us?

How about you this summer? Are your gardens growing in all this heat? Have you been able to buy local?


johnny said...

I like this time of year for many reasons, one of them being that you can buy so many fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. I do buy a lot of my produce at Watson Farms here in Bowmanville, and have a few things growing in my backyard. Unfortunately, the pet rabbit has eaten every single green bean plant we have, so that there are simply stem protruding from the ground. But at least he didn't touch the tomatoes or beets!

IanD said...

We planted a vegetable garden for the first time this year, and the girls are enjoying watching things spring up.

Despite living in the digital age, it's neat to think that a couple of six year olds can still get a kick out of seeing tomatoes and carrots grow.

Nancy said...

Off to pick raspberries and have already picked, frozen and made jam from locally grown strawberries. Off to Niagara area on the weekend and plan to get cherries. They are on, as they had them at the Oshawa market last week. We didn't plant anything this year, as time ran away from us. I do have herbs and chives growing which I use daily in our cooking. Yum, I love summer!