Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have You Met My Child, Evil Incarnate?

While we may feel that kids can be 'lil devils at times they can't officially be called that in New Zealand. The office of the registrar for births has rejected three separate requests for newborn bundles of joy to be named Lucifer. Of course, lucifer, along with satan, beelzebub, the devil are names for the force of evil in the world. What are these parents thinking?

Mind you, there are plenty of weird and wonderful names out there these days. "Way back when" musician Frank Zappa named one of his kids Moon Unit and another Dweezil. Thanks dad. I see that David and Victoria Beckham have called their newborn Seven, related to a mystical number and dad's soccer jersey number.

But back to little Lucifer. Does it creep anyone else out just a tad to think that parents wanted to do this? Is a name just a name or does it carry weight and meaning?


IanD said...

Insensitive people desensitized: what an awesome combination.

sjd said...

Damion is a name that creeps me out after that old scary movie from the 70's
That list in New Zealand includes over 100 other names as well. Mostly titles like King, or Duke so they don't get mixed up with real kings and dukes. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't want little baby beelzebub to be confused with the real one.
There was a story about a year ago in the U.S. that a couple were suing because they were told they could not name their baby Adolph Hitler Smith. I believe they won the case.

lionlamb said...

Maybe a common sense test should be administered before people can become parents.

Thanks guys!

I do like the sound of Baby Beelzebub...