Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hopeful Jack

When Jack Layton announced earlier this week that he was stepping back from political life for a while there was a collective gasp across this country. You didn't have to vote for him to like feisty Jack and it seems as though just everybody admires the guy, myself included.

Even though he has been beset by another form of cancer Layton talks with the same determination as ever, speaking of hope and optimism for himself and for the country he serves as leader of the opposition party. I don't know what Jack Layton's faith may or may not be, but how can you argue with hope and the desire to help others.

Layton did mention the inspiration he receives from his late father, Robert or Bob, also a politician. On a CBC radio phone-in yesterday a man called to say that he knew the family well and that he had baby sat Jack as a boy. Bob had such a profound influence on this man and four of his friends that they all five are now clergy. I would love to know the story behind this, and how the faith of his parents has shaped Jack Layton.

What was your reaction to the news about Layton's cancer?


IanD said...

I really is awful news, both for him personally, and politically for the nation.

The opposition benches need the kind of voice Layton brings to the house. For many voters, the flip side of the government coin are social issues crystallized in the form of this (increasingly frail looking) man.

The future of the NDP is also tied to Jack Layton. What they do moving forward will be interesting to watch.

Susan said...

I was deeply saddened by the news. It came as a shock - he looks like a very ill person. I greatly admired Jack though for removing himself from the political arena to concentrate on his health and his fight against the cancer. The world (from the small communities to the large global world stage needs more 'Jack Layton' types of people. I will be keeping Jack and his family in my prayers.

sjd said...

That is a very different picture of Jack compared to just a few months ago. He must have been fighting this for awhile now.

I'm not big on his politics, but I'm grateful that he gave the Liberals a wake up call in the election. Ignatif was way too arrogant, and Jack made him pay.

God bless you Jack Layton. Get better soon.

lionlamb said...

Well said, all three of you.

Good to see you back Susan!