Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blessed to be Canadian

On Canada Day we woke up in a lovely B&B in the beautiful town of St. Andrew's New Brunswick. We were on our way early and drove across the southern portion of the province. In Nova Scotia we diverged from the four-lane highway to drive back roads to the community of Joggins. In the 1850's a small group of scientists made a key fossil discovery in the cliffs which supported Darwin's theory of evolution. Today there is an interpretive centre and it is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. We left Joggins in haste though because the main street was about to be closed down for the Canada Day parade. We escaped in the nick of time with virtually everyone in the village lined up and ready to go.

We travelled a remote dirt road recommended by a local through a wildlife reserve to emerge on the north shore of the Minas Basin and Cobequid Bay, pictured above. That drive is amazing with views out to a body of water with some of the highest tides in the world and water stained by the rich red mud.

Late that afternoon we arrived at the home of friends who told us that we had brought good weather with us. Would we be interested in going out in their sailboat? Richard is a "go big or go home" kinda guy, so his decision to take up sailing resulted in the purchase of a 38-foot, ocean going boat! We went out the Northwest Arm into Halifax Harbour where we watched as thousands of people assembled on the Halifax and Dartmouth sides for the annual fireworks display. We weren't far from the barge which launched the fireworks and we sat in the dark enjoying the show, including the reflections in the windows of the big office towers of the waterfront.

It was a remarkable Canada Day and as we travelled we commented several times on the blessing of being born in this country. It was hard to believe that so much happened in one day. We can't claim to deserve being residents of this country, but we are grateful to God that we are Canadians.
How was your Canada Day? What blessings are you grateful for as a Canadian?


IanD said...

Fireworks in Port Perry and talk centered around the age of our country and what it took to bring us all together from 1840 through to Confederation and into today.

I love this country. We are lucky to live in a land of tolerance, moderation and relative humility.

Nancy said...

Very well said Ian.

Our Canada Day was spent in Canada's capital, with Will and Kate, and the other 300,000+ who were in attendance. After having been to Canada Day in Ottawa 17 years ago, we had always said that every Canadian needs to spend at least one Canada Day in the capital. We have now spent 3, and this was the first with our daughter. It was a fun time and we enjoyed ourselves despite the crowds! I know too from texting friends that we weren't the only ones from St. Paul's in the crowd.....