Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up to Nothing

I'm back (almost) from two weeks vacation and some of you know what that means -- musing on my holiday and being subjected to my photos.

We spent the better part of a week at the beach house of friends who used to live in Nova Scotia and now make Colorado home. The house is on the south shore of Nova Scotia, on the road into the Keji National Park Seaside Adjunct. They have four acres fronting on a beach which is probably two kilometres in length. In their great kindness they have made this place available to us through the years and it has been a healing refuge. What struck us almost immediately once again was nothing. None of the noises of a busy town. Not the sirens, powerwashers, squealing tires of this, our first morning back.

Yes, there was the sound of wind through the trees, and the lap of waves on the shore when the tide was high. And lots of bird song. Even the laughter of children who were enjoying the sand flats, and clam diggers in the distance calling to one another. They were few and far between though. At night it was the deep, resonating silence which we noticed and savoured. We chose not to use the television, so other than tuning into CBC radio from time to time we eased into the solitude and loved it.
Often on vacations we describe the things we have done, or the beauty we see. How to speak of the nothingness which is almost palpable and definitely restorative? We received is as a blessing from God, a sabbath for the ears and souls.

Any experiences of the quiet, the silence, the solitude for any of you this summer? Some of you live away from the "madding crowd." Thoughts on the value of solitude?

Thanks to all of you who commented on entries while we were away. It's fun to read them upon returning.


johnny said...

I just spent the weekend with some family at their cottage and enjoyed nothing but the sounds of loons at night. I absolutely love it, and know that I could live in that kind of solitude permanently. I find coming back home an assault on the senses.

IanD said...

I am presently in a summer schoool classroom full of 31 ninth graders.


johnny said...

I think Ian has just given the definition of "assault on your senses".

lionlamb said...

I was thinking along the lines of "may God have mercy on your soul!"

Nancy said...

Just spent a day, all by myself at a spa, it was an anniversary present. It was fabulous. I could be by myself in quiet if I chose, or I could chat with others. I chose mostly to be by myself in solitude. It was only 6 hours, but it was lovely, and I came home ready to face my much loved family and friends!