Saturday, November 24, 2012


"I have the right of education. I have the right to play. I have the right to sing. I have the right to talk."  Malala Yousafza

From time to time we get an update on the condition of the extraordinary Pakistani teen, Malala Yousafza. She was shot in the head by Islamist extremists because she dared to be public about the importance of education for girls as well as boys.

Now she is in Britain in order to get the best possible medical care and to protect her from those who might be inclined to finish their cowardly attempt at assassination. I hope no one tells her about the vote in the Church of England to keep women from becoming bishops. It might slow her recovery.

Lest we are inclined to portray all religious people in Pakistan in a negative ight, the immediate response to her shooting was outrage, including amongst those who are devout. Teen women took to the streets and so did many others, including men. The government was swift in making arrests.

It was and is a reminder of the disparities which still exist in this world. Someone has floated the idea that Malala be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I would choose her over the European Union, or President Obama for that matter.

Well, I really wanted you to see this brilliant cartoon. Check out Cagle Cartoons to see many more clever "takes" on our world


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willowjakmom said...

That cartoon is brilliant. I second your thoughts about her nomination over the others. Everyday heroes, yet again, make the most profound impact and are the best examples for our children. I am sure that I don't possess her bravery. I do hope she makes a speedy and full recovery and even more, I hope that what she went through was not in vain.