Monday, November 26, 2012


On another occasion I asked WWJD? --What Would Jesus Drive? if he were living today. Of course the modern Jesus might well choose an urban environment and he and the disciples would roam around looking like a gang of bicycle couriers.

But if he did drive a car...would it be a hybrid, or an EV (electric vehicle.) Obviously we don't have a clue even if we want to portray Jesus as a "low carbon footprint," environmentally friendly kinda guy. I imagine he would give a Prius a try, which would make reader Ian happy. Not only do Priuses have proven hybrid technology, they have a fantastic record for reliability, which is why taxi drivers swear by them. If the newer station wagon version had been available when we bought a new vehicle we might have been convinced to spend the extra money, because they are costly.

Other manufacturers are working on the technology as well, despite the glut of cheap oil out there right now. They seem to want to get ahead of the market for a change and there are probably lots of folk, including environmentally conscious Christians who want to do the right thing, not just the least expensive thing. Reducing emissions matters even when gasoline is relatively inexpensive.

General Motors, which is a big part of our local economy, created the electric VOLT which has a niche market. They have another EV called the Spark in the works which looks interesting and perhaps more accessible to the average driver, at least as a "grocery getter" since range is still limited. GM is also developing a hybrid Cadillac.

Is the development of alternative vehicles a tail-pipe dream? Does is matter to you? Is it a matter of faith?

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