Friday, November 23, 2012

Stop Shopping Friday


By this evening we will have been treated to news footage of Americans and a smattering of Canadians virtually stampeding one another in the rush for the big bargains of Black Friday.  It's a tradition. After all, nothing says Thanksgiving like shopping.

Not everyone is seduced by this consumer model. Brennan Cavanaugh is the “Reverend” Billy Talen, who with his Stop Shopping Gospel Choir speaks out against the buy, buy, buy mentality. He is a bit of a kook, but an interesting one. He essentially argues that simplicity is an antidote to a consumer madness which contributes to many woes, including climate change. This year there is the particular irony that the effects of Superstorm Sandy are still being felt, but people will hit the stores as usual.

Do we think we get the connection between lifestyle and climate? What do you think of Reverend Billy's "gospel?" What about Jesus' gospel message of simplicity? Would you like to answer but are heading to the store?

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David Mundy said...

This from reader Bill:

Christmas is beautiful and wonderful time of the year but I do think the commercialism of the season distracts from the real reason we should be celebrating. The busy frantic rush around takes away from what should be a sacred time.

I enjoy and look forward to the mystical time and a big part is to be with family and friends on Christmas Eve in church listening to carols and the story of Christ's coming into our world to save us from our sin.. I like to hold onto that moment. I also enjoy seeing the children celebrate with us and I do catch their excitement for the Christmas season. The opportunity for family to gather around the table is oh so important as well. I do find that giving is a lot more fun than receiving and is a time when we should consider the have nots of the world and respond as we see fit.

I do think. Black Friday adds to this frenzy

roger said...

Hallelujah! Yes, this guy is not quite playing with a full deck, but I do like his message.

The problem is, because he acts crazy, people may be inclined to not pay attention to his real message. Then again, maybe he gets more attention this way.

Who knows? All I know is that I intend to speak like him at the next bible study class.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to that Roger! Wouldn't miss that for the world.