Monday, November 19, 2012


I have listened to Brett Wilson on a couple of occasions lately, and reader Larry sent me an email with an interesting article in which Wilson addresses the subject of his new book Redefining Success.

Some of you will remember Wilson as a business "dragon" on the CBC show Dragon's Den. All of the dragons are successful entrepeneurs in a variety of money-making ventures. Wilson, who has moved on from the show is smart and wealthy and is now encouraging people to consider what gives life meaning. In the radio interview he admits that he makes an easy target as someone who has made a lot of money and is now redefining personal success while inviting others to do so as well. But he sounds very sincere, and points out that our usual ways of "keeping score" didn't bring him a great deal of happiness. In the phone-in which followed many people called to say that they had changed their life paths to place greater emphasis on healthy relationships, and community service, and personal growth.

It helps to be reminded that money doesn't buy happiness and that it is possible to be a person of modest means but wealthy and successful in other ways.

Jesus encouraged his disciples and others to redefine success and they choose to leave security and familiarity to be part of his new way. Jesus himself was hardly successful by most standards and yet we have decided to follow him, even though our steps may falter at times.

Has your model for success changed with time, or are you still chasing goals that leave you uncomfortable about your life path? Are you more or less generous than you used to be? Are you learning the Jesus way of simplicity and faithfulness?

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Laura said...

Interesting that the mention of Dragons' Den always makes me think of Kevin O'Leary. His mere presence on the screen irritates me(I am not holding the converter usually) His cocky obsession with money and profits, and the apparent power he thinks it has brought him, making it okay to belittle other human beings is really pathetic, but permissable by giving him the platform.
Like most things in life, that which makes you uncomfortable, is usually trying to tell you something about yourself so I do keep evaluating how life might be scored ..Brett seems like a much more "evolved" Dragon...
Have had the opportunity to hear two "social prophets" speak lately...both Christian activists with no concern for personal money or material....and of that I am in awe.

roger said...

Had to laugh, Laura, at your comment about Kevin O'Leary. He is very irritating, and one hopes he really isn't like that. He is so over the top, that I wonder if he does it to get a reaction. I imagine the network loves it....good for the ratings. Love or hate him, he's not boring! Great show though!

Laura said...

Yah, I imagine he's laughing all the way to the bank!