Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slippery as Heaven

I suppose that after a blog entry called Slippery as Hell one entitled Slippery as Heaven was bound to follow. In that blog, which didn't get much response, I pointed out that few of us believe in hell -- which may explain why Laura was the only person willing to offer her thoughts. But not many more of Canadians believe in heaven than they do in hell.

I noticed two books in a bookstore on heaven recently, right out front for everyone to see. They are both on the bestsellers lists. And both are written by physicians who were sceptical about the afterlife but died and went to heaven before coming back again. The titles are Proof of Heaven and To Heaven and Back. 

I wasn't really tempted to buy either of them. It's strange because I do feel that there is a life to come and that in Christ we can have confidence in eternity. I am reluctant to use the word "believe" because this isn't just an intellectual proposition, and my belief cannot be substantiated by empirical proof. It is more of a conviction, a trust. Even so, I'm not big on books about persons who have gone to heaven and come back.

It's even stranger that while many people might be intrigued that these are two scientifically trained individuals, therefore their story carries more weight, I just don't see it that way. Why not an artist, or a plumber, or a computer programmer? Just because they are doctors their stories are neither more or less credible from my standpoint.

We are invited to trust that we are both mortal and eternal beings, who are given a promise of new life in Christ. Maybe both these accounts are convincing and they will change lives. Great. I am willing to work through my fears, my questions, and even my doubt to "believe" without them.

What are your thoughts about eternity?  Do you find solace in the prospect? Are you content with your three score years and ten, or whatever gets served up?

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willowjakmom said...

Death, dying, planning your end, heaven? hell? You are really challenging us lately! Please know that my lack of commenting is really because I'm mulling these posts over for much longer than my waiting (and often hungry) family appreciates.

I still don't have a solid opinion on these topics, but I appreciate your comments about the respect paid to the doctors over any other person who experienced the same.

IanD said...

It's all really difficult to think about. Do I believe in an afterlife in eternity? For the most part. Do I believe I qualify for admission? I have no idea? Do my doubts about both overwhelm me if I sit down for ten minutes and think about it?