Saturday, November 03, 2012

We Are Not Alone

In life, in death, in life beyond death,
    God is with us.
We are not alone.

    Thanks be to God. A New Creed

A week ago Thursday my wife Ruth says  to me, "I want to make a meal for Don and the family." Don is Betty's husband and she has been very ill. "What we should do is organize a schedule of meals to help them out" she continued. The next day I see their son-in-law Andrew and mention this thought. "I'll mention that to my mom" says Andrew. His mother Janet springs into action contacting the wide circle of church and other friends with the idea.

By Monday I am receiving a shower -- nay, a superstorm -- of emails from those willing to provide a meal, or meals, or anything else the family needs. By Tuesday Janet has them organized, and judging from the proposed meals we should all be inviting ourselves to eat with Don and Betty!

What a wonderful congregation this is when it comes to practical care. Of course, in this instance they are extending care to a couple who have done so much for others. It is heart-warming to realize what a Christian community can offer -- we are not alone.

When Gary Crawford illustrated the New Creed he chose a flock of geese, each taking the lead in turn to convey our life together. How appropriate.


Can the path of a storm alter the course of an election?


Stacey said...

When words aren't enough, say it with food. There is such a feeling of helplessness when you know people are in pain and you don't know what to do to help ease it.

I so appreciate this community and how it rallies. I had a conversation with a member of the congregation about how special it was to have the people of St. Paul's around her, when she was going through a tragic loss. We both agreed that we don't understand how people manage on their own in difficult times. We truly are blessed.

Prayers for Betty and her family.

Lynnof60 said...

When I was a volunteer with Hospice Durham (not sure what it is called now) I always liked their Mission Statement (this was the watered down version) "No one should die alone if they don't want to". I think that is the mantra of St. Paul's but to say "no one should have to go through any life altering, life tragedy, or just life, 'alone' if they don't want to". Actually, even if they want to be alone we are always standing in the wings! How comforting is that?
The longer I am with St. Paul's and the older I get (they go hand in hand) the more I appreciate what we are all about. And for that I say "Thanks Be To God!"

David Mundy said...

Janet is having troubles posting, so here is her response to this blog:

“This amazing process is a reflection of a)the respect and concern we all hold for Don and Betty and their family, and b)the widespread pastoral care (formal and informal) happening within our church family, due in no small part to that force-of-nature, Beth.

One important correction to your blog, David: I have not phoned or emailed anyone soliciting food! MY voicemail and inbox are full of generous offers from caring people.

We are not alone. I learned that in spades four years ago.”