Friday, December 18, 2015

Blessed By Our Elders

This week I went with our pastoral care minister, Vicki Fulcher, and two members of our pastoral care team to a residence for seniors where nine of our folk live. We go a couple of times a year to conduct a worship service with them, and this time we hit the jackpot with all nine present. Often individuals have medical appointments, or forget, or are communing with a pillow. This time everyone was on hand, and it was lovely.

At the conclusion of the service I mentioned the arrival of our Syrian family last Friday. Even though everyone was preparing to leave they all sat down and peppered us with excellent questions about the circumstances of the family in the refugee camp in Lebanon, and how they are adapting to life in Belleville.

An 87-year-old observed that this is a wonderful privilege for us to encounter a family from another part of the world who will enrich our culture. We talked about Maryam Monsef, the MP from Peterborough whose family emigrated from Afghanistan. Perhaps one of these Syrian boys will make a similar contribution to Canada one day.

What a tonic these senior citizens were for me, both as we worshipped and as we talked. Their attitudes were so positive and hospitable, I kept thinking about them for the rest of the day. As I have said before, while we want to offer some sense of Christian community to those who are aging, they often offer it to us. Such a blessing.


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